Saturday, 16 July 2011

Picture of Benazir with Lyari Gangster Rehman Dakait

This Picture exposes links of PPP and it's leadership with criminal and high profile terrorists and also a proof that PPP and it's leadership is involved in terrorists activities through these gangsters and murder them in fake encounters after using them.

Few months back in a live TV program Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi, Zulfiqar Mirza  after reciting kalma denied that Rehman Dakait the biggest criminal and terrorists in the history of karachi and pakistan involved in hundreds of murders including his mother and involved in kidnappings for ransom, drugs and arms smuggling and selling was not present in the convoy of benazir bhutto on 18 Oct 2007, the day when benazir bhutto returned to pakistan.

Benazir motorcade was bombed the same night and next day papers published the news that lyari gangster rehman dakait was the one who safely escorted her to bilawal house after twin bomb attacks.
PPP leadership always deny the presence of rehman dakait and his links with benazir bhutto and PPP, they never accepted that rehman dakait was present near benazir bhutto but a picture in Daily Telegraph exposes the links of high profile criminals and terrorists like Rehman Dakait with Benazir Bhutto and PPP.
PPPexposed  is publishing this picture in which Rehman Dakait can be seen clearly transferring  Benazir Bhutto to other car, Zulfiqar Mirza is also present there.
rehman dakait was murdered on the orders of zulfiqar mirza in a fake encounter later, khalid shahnsha also visible in picture was murdered by rehman dakait as he was the key witness in benazir bhutto murder case and the person who ONLY knows who ordered him to open the hedge of benzir bhutto vehicle. no FIR of khalid shahansha murder was ever registered by PPP even he was security incharge of bilawal house when he was murdered, khalid shahansha younger brother haider was also attacked and later khalid family was forced to move out from pakistan.
Numbers on Pictures 
1. Rehman Dakait
2. Khalid Shahansha
3. Zulfiqar Mirza

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